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Garden Update: Flowers

Lets start with roses that are perking up for round 2 and desperately need to be dead-headed.


Gladiolus which are falling over and need some serious staking.

Some marigolds that are doing great.

And Morning Glories all closed up for the rain

The Lilacs aren’t flowering but they are growing and looking good. They’ve got some Morning Glory invaders and that giant grass thing from the neighbors that needs to be taken care of. I’m starting to grow even more because I love making flower decorations for events. Then if you would like to take your floristry skills to a professional level then we can highly recommend this course as you can learn some amazing things from that.

The hydrangea out back looks great

And this one Gladiolas that is in my veggie garden is doing great. This is it’s second blooming stalk…I cut the first one off to take inside. Crazy!

and last, but not least, sunflowers.


I’ve got about 4 that are about to bloom. I’m so excited.. is that weird? I’ve never been too successful with sunflowers before and I’m just so excited!!!

How are your flowers doing this July? Are they preparing for an awesome August of blooms?


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  1. 7/27/2013 | 10:39 am Permalink

    I am so envious. Love the Hydrangea and everything else too. I just can’t believe all that you have done. Good job!