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House Update – Pre-drywall

The pre-drywall phase is taking longer than I had hoped but I always hope too much. We’ve still got another weekend of work but it’s definitely looking good.

We have the durock backerboard up for the shower.


The plumbing supply is 99% done with just a bit of clean-up left.  The 3rd floor floor is down.


The big things left are replacing a window, framing in the “microwave closet” and pulling a couple wires in the kitchen ceiling


and  a whole lot of cleaning:


To get us started on the clean-up phase, we got one of those bagsters.   It was the least-complicated way to get rid of everything.  It’s pricey at $39 for the bag and another $160 to have it picked up but you pay for convenience.


I spent a bunch of time hauling piles of trash in the backyard into the bagster since we are finally snow-free!

It’s the “little” things that are killing us right now.  The final bits of tacking up wire, stripping wire, tacking up wood here and there, put the last light box up, pull an extra ethernet etc.  We have a list 50 lines long of little things we need to do.  Not very satisfying and not very blog-worthy.



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