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New Rug and other weekend stuff

Saturday morning, we went and picked up this rug from a guy on craigslist, the first time we looked at it we knew right away we needed to get rug cleaning services.


It’s 10 by 14 so it’s a HUGE rug, it’s from the oriental rug collection from NW Rugs. It’s just as beautiful as the pictures though. It will be great in the piano room though rough measurements say it will barely fit. We have the bay window in the front and it’s the corners getting cut off that’s the problem. You can fold the corners over and hide them under a piece of furniture. We’ll have to do something. Going down to a 9×12 rug is going to leave a lot of exposed wood which is a problem with the booming piano. Worst case, the rug fits beautifully in the den. It is 100% wool from the 1940s. The gentleman we purchased it from is an antiques dealer in Dorchester which is a borough on the south side of Boston. He used to have a shop in Boston but now he just has a booth at the Cambridge Antique Market which is a favorite spot of mine. He actually had the rug in his old apartment but it’s so large it doesn’t fit in his new place. It’s got these great bright pinks and blues on an ivory background. I really love it. The guy we bought it from was pretty awesome too. I love seeing other people’s houses and this guy definitely had a good eye and similar tastes to my own.

After the rug adventure, we headed home. By this time, it was snowing pretty solidly. It wasn’t blizzarding but it was a graceful amount of snowfall. We got maybe 4 inches over the course of the day. We worked on a bit of plumbing and stapled up plastic to try to seal up the 3rd floor. It really made a big difference and we haven’t even finished all the plastic we want to do.

I started feeling pretty bad Saturday evening so we spent the evening resting and relaxing. By Sunday I was feeling better and all the snow had melted so we rakes and did the final yard work for the year. We also did a bit more plastic and fixed Stefan’s car bumper. It had come loose in a couple places and needed some additional nuts and bolts put on to keep everything tight. Sunday night we went over to a friend’s place for dinner. Yummy dinner. I love having friends that can cook!

All in All, we didn’t get nearly as much as I hoped done but we got some unexpected things knocked off the list. Between traveling to pick up that rug, me getting sick, and having a sunny day to rake and fix Stefan’s car, although we were considering getting a new one, since the Vin’s Automotive Group sells many Japanese cars and are easy to find online. We did have a restful and relaxing weekend and we are looking forward to next weekend which will be a work-a-thon if I have anything to say about it!

I hope all of you had a good weekend as well.