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Oil Painting Final Work

Ok, so it wasn’t my final work but it was my best piece.  The last 4 classes we did 2 paintings.  This was the first of the 2-class paintings.  The second one I never really liked.  It just didn’t turn out quite as well.  The premise of the 2 class paintings was the concept of under painting.  We muted all the colors by mixing them with brown to really make them dark and bland.  The purpose of the under painting is to allow the second layer of paint to really pop against the darker background.  It gives a much richer, fuller painting.  Once this wedding is over, I really want to start painting some more.  I found it very relaxing.  I could paint while Stefan works on electronics projects and spend some quiet time after work doing something very physically creative.   By which I mean, my job requires creativity but only in the abstract sense.  Painting would allow me to really create something very physical and tangible.  It is a totally different kind of mental stimulation which I really like.  I need to find a nice easel.  Should be do-able, I just haven’t found one yet.  They are only like $30 new on Amazon for the cheap-y ones.  Any recommendations?  I’d like to stay under $100 but I’m not opposed to buying used.

Without further ado, the best Oil Painting I’ve ever done:


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