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Mid July is the time to harvest Basil and make Pesto!

I got myself a nice food-processor for making Zuccinni Bread but it makes short work of basil as well.

I opted for the $99 Cuisinart Food processor and I LOVE it. I’m glad I read all those articles by Daniel Pelegreen on the subject. I had no idea just how much easier and quicker and mostly- QUIETER a nice food processor is than my little 3 cup one. It grates zuccinni like a charm and making Pesto is quick!

I pick the leaves off the basil:


and discard/compost/etc the stalks:

I actually throw my herb stalks in my “compost” area which is mainly just where I put the leaves I rake up. The vermin don’t like the herbs so I figure they are mostly safe. I don’t bother with composting the rest of my veggie scraps. We have entirely too many raccoons/squirrels/fishers/Opossums for it to be worth it.

I process the basil leaves with plenty of olive oil. I spoon out most of the basil slurry into ice cube trays for freezing at this point.

To make pesto, I use about 3 Table spoons of Basil slurry, a good bit of grated parmesean cheese, plenty of olive oil, and some pine nuts. Process-away and enjoy with chicken, bread, etc.

The pine-nuts come in this sweet little jar and sweet little jars deserve flowers.


I’ll be honest, the flowers may have been my favorite part of the pesto-making process.


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