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Side Flower Bed

If you think back to Late may, or if you click on this link to take you back to late may, you’d know that we pulled out some falling down chain link fence and cleaned up the side of the back yard. We will be getting concrete cutting services  because we want to put concrete on a part of our backyard, and may need someone to come and cut it for us.

I have since added some flowers and ferns:

I was graciously given some lungwort and fern (Hay-scented fern I believe).

And a month later it’s looking great:

And some european ginger:


I picked up some Lady Fern from Mahoney’s in nearby Winchester:

And some Japanese Painted Fern:

And this other smaller, fluffy fern – The Dixie Wood Fern:

We also got some pink flowering false nettle which I promptly divided. I usually divide my perennials as soon as I get them. I find that the nurseries tend to stuff them into their pot and that they really like being divided and given some room to grow right when they are planted.


And sweet Woodruf:

I’ve also planted an Astilbe that I got at the local grocery store. It didn’t flower this year. All the buds got all wilty so I chopped them off to give the plant a better chance at long-term survival. There’s also a bleeding heart next to it. I’m hoping it will really fill out. I love bleeding hearts.


I’m still in the market for more ferns and other shade plants as you can see, but for those, I’m thinking about getting some outdoor pottery in hanover pa. I’m hoping the hydrangea might just flower next year. I’m also going to try to propagate the hydrangeas I have to see if I can make some more.


In the photo above, you can see some funny blue stuff in the lawn. That’s some grass seed in a newspaper mush. It worked great! You can see the lawn now, no more bare spots!

It’s been a busy July and I’ve got more to share but the blog has fallen off my priority list. I’m loving my new job which has been keeping me busy and fulfilled which was my blog’s job at other points in time.

I’ll keep posting about the house but I can’t promise to maintain a schedule! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more timely house info!