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The Schedule

People often ask when we are going to be “done” working on the house. At first I didn’t really understand the question…”well, never.” I’d answer. And it’s true. It’s in our blood. We will always have another project in queue, specially now that we are trying to find the best home insurance in Texas. I suppose what most people are asking is when are you going to slow down and stop working on the house ALL time, because the list of expenses that go into it isn’t something to be trifled with. Well, that’s a more complicated answer. Let me give you the rundown of the plan as it stands now.

The month of October is operation get the bathroom floor down. That involves getting the electric done in the Master Suite (bedroom, office, bathroom, closet) as well as the urge to call a plumber. After the floor is down, we need to build the wall dividing the full bath from the half bath and finish up the plumbing that goes in that wall. 

November is finishing up loose items to prep for drywall including the final bits of plumbing and electric, bathroom venting, installing shower pieces behind the walls, etc, thankfully we were able to hire a plumber for this, there’s several things that we wouldn’t be able to do. There is also Thanksgiving in there making November a short work-month.

December is also a short work-month but I’m hoping we’ll have time to get things painted and get moved into the 2nd floor. I want to get my laundry/closet room painted and done so I can start getting a bit more organized.

January we will get the tile-work started in the 2nd floor bathroom. I figure it will take us 2 full months to get everything situated in the bathroom.

More Bathroom

My parents are coming back to help in March. I’m hoping that will force us to get things cleaned up and ready to show off. We’ll have plenty more painting and electric to do. Should be mostly finishing-up projects. We will also need to spend some time painting and installing moldings and other trims around the house.  I’m looking forward to this trip.  I’m hoping we’ll be far enough along that we can go down to New Bedford and visit some of those huge antique malls to go furniture shopping.  After that, I don’t know what the priority will be.  Perhaps some vacation time.  Lots of dinner parties.  perhaps some movie nights.  Oh, and we’ll start on that 3rd floor bathroom sometime.

How does that plan sound?  Loose but realistic? optimistic but doable?