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Weekend Update Jan 9&10 with extra snow!

First of all, I’ll start with a bunch of snow pictures:

This was Friday at about noon-ish.

and by Saturday morning:

We got about 25-26 inches.  It’s really hard to tell because the high winds created drifts as high as about 4 feet.  Neither Stefan or I went into work on Friday.  Saturday was all about snow-blowing.  It took for-ever.  Stefan did most of the work but the hour or so of shoveling the porch and deck was enough to wear me out.  The governor issued a driving ban starting at 2:00 on Friday and lasting until 4:00 PM on Saturday.  There was also a parking ban in Arlington.  That made clearing out the driveway difficult.  Generally, we pull the cars out into the street, snowblow the driveway, and pull them back in  but with this much snow and the parking ban, we spent Saturday snowblowing around the cars.  Sunday we dug out the cars and shimmied them around in the driveway so that Stefan could get the snowblower through the remaining snow on the driveway.  The parking ban is still in effect as of 10am on Monday.  Our street desperately needs to be plowed again and could handle about 6 feet of widening.  The difficulty is where to put all the snow.  The banks are 6-8 feet tall in places which limits visibility and the smaller plows the city generally uses just don’t have the power to move a 6 foot snowbank not to mention we’re running out of places to put all the snow!

To top it off, we’re supposed to get about half an inch of rain today.  Talk about bad driving conditions!

Sunday evening we braved a trip to 5 Guys and Home Depot.  After our trip, we got some help from this website and worked on plumbing and electric in the 3rd floor bathroom for about 2 hours.  That was the extent of the work we got done on the house this weekend.  We did get lots done in those 2 hours.  The electric is done and the plumbing is about 75% of the way there, just need to install a butt weld.  Another 2 hours and we’ll be DONE with PVC!!!  At least until we re-do the first floor bathroom.  That just leaves putting in the vent fan, running Pex to the appropriate locations, and the attic stairs before we can call the 3rd floor bath ready for insulation and drywall.

I’m hoping this is the end of the winter but there’s another snow event on the horizon for next weekend.  I’m already exhausted just thinking about more snow!

Stay warm!