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Inspiration Today

Do you ever see something and think, I want to go out and get all the supplies and make this right now!?  I do all the time.  I have bought so much crafting supplies that I have commited to not getting any more until I have exhausted the projects I have.  But I really, really want to make these!

The tutorial is at a great site called Pizzazzerie here:

They use foam balls, the Martha Steward Hydrangea punch, and pearl flower pins.  The punch is about $10 at ACMoore, the local craft chain and with a 40% off coupon, only $6. The foam balls are about $1 a piece and I found the pearl flower pins on Oriental Trading for $3 for 150 (plus $6 shipping for the whole order).

I was just at Stefan’s sister-in-law’s and the title picture just suits her house.  I may just have to make her one after I make myself a collection!  The real problem is that these may be a little too sweet for the style I have going on in the apartment right now.  Then again, it may be just the thing to soften up the dark couches and dark wood-tones of the place.

Another thought, how hard would it be to make these at felted throw pillows.  You could cut the hydrangea shape slightly oversized and attach to a ball pillow or pouf.  How cute would that be?

Just another inspiration on this snowing spring morning.


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    Right on!