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Half Bath Floor

I mentioned last week that my parents were coming to visit. It was such a fun trip. I’m exhausted as usual but we got tons done. One of the quicker projects was tiling the half bath floor.

It was great to have a practice room for the penny tile. It was quite forgiving all things considered. If you’d like a detailed tutorial on laying penny tile, I recommend this post by Young House Love.

The basic rundown is spread thin-set, lay tile, get everything even, wait until the thin set is cured, grout, wipe with sponge, wait 10 min, wipe with sponge, wait 20 min, wipe with sponge, etc. It’s not a difficult process as long as you are patient with the tile and make sure to clean the grout before it hardens up.

Step 1 and 2: Spread thin-set and lay tile


Step 3: grout


Step 4 through the end: wipe and wait, repeat until clean.


The grout we chose was a medium grey. I didn’t want to do white. I’m just not clean enough to keep it all white. The penny tile is a shiny penny tile and each penny is 3/4″ round. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it turned out. I had so much fun learning from my mother who has done so much tiling she’s practically a pro.


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