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My Parent’s Kitchen

My parents just moved from a suburban house on the south side of Houston to a more rural area north of  Houston.  I haven’t seen the new place but I’m excited to see what my mom does with it.  The first big task was to re-do the kitchen cabinets.

parents before

You can see there is an awkward peninsula with upper cabinets that close off the space.  There is also a wall oven and a range instead of a single stove unit. The oven was one of the few things that impressed me, and I vowed to read some countertop convection oven reviews when I got back home. All the appliances are white and dated.  There is also the awkward boxed-in area above the cabinets.  Here’s a slightly different angle and the awkward blocking cabinets are out and you can see things better.  Looks worlds better already!

parents during

Here is the “after/during” There still aren’t counters but you can see where it’s going. The cabinets are the flat-packed variety from online and my Mother put them together. I think they look great! A great budget option were some cardboard and plastic baler machines for quick clean ups.

parents after

The new cabinets go all the way to the ceiling opening up the room.  The plan is to use the Ikea Beech countertops just like mine. Finding quality bar coolers for sale requires a little research on your end  They are mostly installed already:

Here’s a fuzzy picture my mom texted me:
Huge upgrade from what was there!  I can’t wait to see it in person.  I’ll have to do a house tour when I visit!


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