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Painting the Dining Room

If you follow my on Instagram you probably saw some pictures of the dining room go by. I painted the dining room with the help of Painting Peterborough we used every last drop of one quart of Martha Steward Mourning Dove which is a very taupe-ish green color.


It looks great in the room. It isn’t too green or too tan. It’s one of my new favorite colors though online it looks like a standard Beige.



Our Painting services company used Glidden Paint  and I must say it is quite nice. You still need 2 coats (people say better paint only needs one coat but I’ve never found it to be true). The real benefit is in the cutting in. With a brush you really only need one coat whereas with the Behr paint, you really have to go over your cut-ins twice to get rid of the brush-marks. I’m a convert to the Glidden camp.

The color really is lovely with the chestnut tone of the paneling. I’m really excited about seeing these rooms come together so quickly!


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