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Painting the Kitchen Green

So, I painted the kitchen the same color as the bedroom office nook, this is my idea of a small kitchen remodeling project. Here it is in the office nook:


It looks great. It’s a nice light, bright, grown-up green. But in the Kitchen…


It’s just too blue. It’s decidedly a mint color instead of a green. I’m going for a vintagey green but not a turquoise.

What do you think? Should I plan on darkening it a bit? Go a little greener and less blue? Both darker and greener?


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  1. 10/1/2013 | 7:49 am Permalink

    There is just much more light in that bigger space. I would go darker and a green with more brown in it. Make it richer with more pigment. It will really warm up the space. With all the white it is a really cool space. I think a warm tone on the walls will blend it with the rich dark wood tones of the other rooms on the main floor while still giving it the bright fresh kitchen feel you want.