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Shoe Storage in the Closet

I went back and forth trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to add shoe storage to the closet.

To refresh your memory, this post gives a good overview of the closet.

To make the shoe shelf, I started with some ikea shelves. The cheap Gorm series.

They are now $29 but when I bought them last year, they were $19 and the additional shelves were on super discount 2 for $3. I ended up using 8 shelves total for a total cost of $26.


I primed and painted all the shelves with my trim paint. To assemble the shelves at the height I wanted, I had to have Hagstrom Drilling help me drill the holes. I ended up with a shelf every one and a half hole spaces which was the perfect height for my heels or for a shoe box.


You can see in the picture above the bolts aren’t all on the pre-drilled holes.

As an added bonus, these ikea half-height boxes also fit nicely.

I also added some taller shelves for winter boots on the bottom.

I ended up painting the black bolt heads white which really cleaned up the look. The Gorm shelf is definitely more utilitarian but the slatted shelves are perfect for shoes and it is the perfect depth. I think a coat of white paint dresses it up sufficiently well for the space.



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