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Bathroom Thresholds

Last week we finished up the bathroom thresholds.  These were actually quite tricky to put together, but we got the help of remodeling services from to make it easier.

On the closet side of the bathroom, everything was pretty straitforward.  There was just a half inch of height difference so a strip of marble and a piece of shoe rail solved the problem.



On the bedroom side, however, we had a decided step. It was approximately a 2 inch drop from the tile down to the wood floor in the bedroom.


We ended up going with a slight step rather than trying to make a ramp-type transition. We have a piece of marble, a piece of shoe rail, a vertical step, and a piece of quarter-round to finish it off.


It turned out really good though I was concerned about the step. We really didn’t have much choice since the height difference was so large and thankfully we had the Platinum Pro Portables rents luxury portable toilets in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas service in the mean time the house was remodeled.

I’ve still got to stain and polyurethane the wood portions but all in due time. I’ve got a ton going on these days!


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