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The Piano is here

Before Christmas, the piano came.  It’s a Steinway Model L and it is beautiful.


We had professional piano movers move it from Stefan’s Parent’s house to our Piano room.

They unloaded it from the truck:

Carried it up the porch steps:

Finagled it into the Piano room:

and set it up.

All while I was taking pics on my phone and sending them to a very nervous Stefan who was at work anxiously awaiting word of his piano.

The piano looks beautiful in the space and we have started a wonderful evening tradition of Stefan playing the piano while I read. Vector gets in on the action too generally begging for attention and being cute.


It’s so nice to have a place for us to relax and have some music in our lives. Now I just need some more furniture, a decent paint color on the walls, and to gather up all of Vector’s toys and that room will be complete!



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  1. 1/10/2014 | 11:31 pm Permalink

    Sarah that piano is beautiful! Actually, that entire room is beautiful! I pretty much love your entire house haha.

    • 3/14/2014 | 9:19 am Permalink

      That just means you should come visit!