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Wiring the Den

We’ve made a lot of progress getting the den wired up. For the most part, the power is where it needs to go and the data is where it needs to go. We had a little too much fun designing the wiring plan and we have all sorts of handy upgrades in place.

First off, we are planning on using this awesome sound system wiring plan.


We’ve even got one already wired up but we’re waiting to install most of the wall plates etc until I’ve painted but we had to see what the right rear speaker plug would look like. So polished!


And, while we were pulling wires and had the appropriate tools and mess already set up, we made a last minute decision to install power and data for a projector. It is the appropriate distance from a stud for mounting the projector and we have ethernet run from the “TV Center” area up to the ceiling. We are planning on using HDMI over ethernet since the run is longer that what HDMI cables are capable of handling.


They even make face-plates that include the necessary hardware for HDMI over CAT-6 (ethernet cable).

Or you can just use these handy converters.

Click on the image to visit the Monoprice website where they are sold.

So much fun wiring! I hope to have some of it up and running by Christmas but we’ll see. I’ll be happy with functional lights and switches!


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