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Arm Chairs in the Kitchen

I’ve got a vision.  Actually, Vector had the vision but I translated.  And he’s a cat..what does he care if I take credit for his ideas!  So, I had this idea to put a comfy chair in my kitchen. I do own beautiful Bar Stools and have placed them at the dining table, but a nice and comfy chair in the kitchen isn’t a bad idea. A place to rest while the cookies are baking or a place to curl up with a book while watching the comings and goings of the kitchen.

I put this chair at the foot of the stairs.


Vector loves sitting there. LOVES IT!

I put the freshly washed pink blanket on the chair to go upstairs and he liked it even more. It’s right on top of the heater vent and is a nice cozy corner. I’ve decided I need a nice comfy arm chair at that very spot. I’d like something small like this little chair I reupholstered.

Here’s a before and after:
iPhone. ChairiPhone. Chair
I would use this chair but it is white and I’m a little attached to it. I may just suck it up and use it but in an ideal world, I think the spot needs a vintage or retro pink pattern.

Here are some other chairs I was looking at. It’s really hard to find comfy chairs in the smaller proportions that the space needs.

What do you think? Should I use the white chair or keep looking? I’ve already given it one coat of scotch guard. Maybe I’ll give it a second coat and stop worrying.


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