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Another Bit of Bathroom Inspiration

Right now I’m working on the layout of the master bath in the house. It’s currently teeny tiny and quite awkward, but I’ve been in contact with a local plumbing expert to ensure that this doesn’t turn up to be a big fiasco. We’re planning on taking over the chimney and a very large hall closet. The closet may actually be larger than the bathroom… It’s an odd layout that is going to be greatly helped by the removal of the chimney. I was able to figure out my bathroom design by going to WA Assett. Here is what I’m thinking, here’s the floorplan:

Bathroom Plans

Home remodeling takes know-how and inspiration. We are planning on splitting the long, narrow room (6 ft x 14 ft) into a power-room and a master bath. The walk-in shower and toilet along one wall, with a vanity along the other.  The vanity may be as picture, with two sinks and a wall unit between them but we are also considering pedestal sinks and antique furniture redone to be a vanity.  We’ll see what we end up with!

The powder room is small with a toilet and a small pedestal.  Some storage above the toilet for hand towels and toilet paper and we’ll call it good.

cute bathroom

Here is one inspiration image(from BHG). Imagine a shower, that shape and size (but with shower head upgrade for sure!). The toilet would be to the left of the shower, where the bathtub is in the image. There is a rather large window above the toilet which will need an appropriate window covering. I want an all-tile shower with penny tile floors and white subway tile walls. The 1/2 wall with the glass and the glass door is what I’m thinking.

Another reason I love this image, look at that monogram. I love it. Modern but traditional. Bold but still formal. I need to see if Mom and the embroidery machine can get cracking on those! Love Em!

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That’s the thinking for today!

– Sarah