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Bathroom Vanity Options

In the master bathroom, I’m planning on two pedestals with some sort of vanity storage between.  I’m not sure what I want really.  I know I’d like a place to keep a hairdryer and curlers plugged in and stored and I know I’m going to need some storage for bath products and toilet paper etc.  Here are a few ideas I’m looking at.  I really like the idea of an armoire with a mirror inside and lights so I can open it up, put on makeup, do my hair, etc, and then close the doors and have it look decent again.  I’m just not sure exactly what form this will take. Back in Australia, it was easy for me as I would generally use a Maid2Match in Brisbane to clean my house and make it spotless, but here I have to do all the work on my own. Including cleaning and maintaining the masterpiece project, I’m about to complete.

This image from Better Homes and Gardens shows a built in double vanity with storage between.  Imagine something like this but with pedestal sinks.

This image from has the armoire thing I’m going for.  I’m not sure how I feel about the mirrors being built in looking but it is a clean and fresh environment thanks to the best air purifier that was installed in the room, here is a VOC air purifier explained review.

This image from has another armoire thing but more of a medicine cabinet thing.  I really like this look.  I’m thinking custom wood cabinets in minnetonka mn is the way to achieve this look.  I haven’t found anything off the shelf that is quite what I want.

This image from’s portfolio has a cute old marble top dresser as the vanity between the pedestals.  I love love love the idea of this, I’m just not sure it’s enough storage for a master bath.

What do you think?  As always, comments appreciated!


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    I like the idea of re purposing an old piece of furniture in bath to use as storage. Not sure how easy and affordable it is in reality. The chest of drawers offers a lot of storage and they come in many sizes. You could then add the larger cabinet above like your photo from homekilondike. It depends on if you want a clean cohesive look or a unique salvaged look. Also really think about how you both live. Will you really put stuff away or do you want space to leave stuff out.