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Kitchen Question

We recently demoed the kitchen and took down this ugly fake wood 70s paneling that had been painted pink at some point. It was chair-rail height and had been glued directly to the drywall. The consequence is that we now either need to replace the drywall where the glue pulled off the drywall or we need to cover it with some new paneling. The dining room has beautiful chestnut 3/4 paneling.

I’m thinking that something with a similar design, but in white, might be just the thing to cover the damaged drywall. Is it going to be too much? I can do 3/4 or chair-rail height. As a refresher, here is the kitchen before:

You can see a glimpse of the pink 70s paneling in the refrigerator slot and along the wall. I came across this image from a nursery at


That’s the design I’m going for. I love the warm grey but will it be too much in white? I can always go with a chair-rain rather than the taller. That would lessen the amount of white in the kitchen. With floor to ceiling white cabinets, I’m just not sure.