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Kitchen Outlets

There are no more extension cords in the kitchen! I have actual powered outlets on my counters! We used plug-mold to but strips of outlets on the under-side of the cabinets. That way, I have tons of outlets without the outlets causing a visual break in the backslash, this was a great idea given by theĀ kitchen remodeling near scarsdale ny company.

We have 3 outlets in an L shape under the two cabinets on either side of the stove.

And a large string of them in the corner.

They were a bear to install since the metal had to be cut with a hack-saw and the whole thing had to be assembled before we could put them up. To attach the plug-mold to the cabinets, we used VHB tape. It’s super strong and sticky and has done a great job holding everything up.

Wholesale G Series Cabinets in tampa fl came in to help us during this process, this is the clear kind but there are a variety of widths and some black ones as well that are sold in more industrial settings. Stefan has used them at work for various things and after using this product, I’m a convert and have no doubt we’ll be using it again.


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    Hi. I haven’ seen plug mold outlets less than 36″. How did you find or make a shorter one?

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