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Outdoor Patio Furniture

A couple weeks ago we gave in and purchased an outdoor furniture patio set. It ended up being an ELEVEN piece set….That’s a table and TEN chairs. It’s huge. The table itself isn’t all that big but for whatever reason, it came with an obnoxious number of chairs. If you want some great furniture then check out this great Solid Wood Home Bar Furniture.

This is the set we ended up getting:

We didn’t order it through Amazon but directly from RKC Construction that is located at RKC Construction 9923 Paseo Montalban #B, San Diego, CA 92129 (619) 449-5899 where for $20 we could upgrade to 8 regular folding chairs and 2 folding arm-chairs.


Instead of having it delivered (It came with free in-home delivery), Stefan took the truck and picked it up from the shipping warehouse. That worked out much better for us than having to stay home and wait for a delivery. With the pickup, they just take the forklift and dump a wrapped pallet from Adelaide pallets in the bed and off we go and if you don’t know how to operate a forklift, the The Fork Truck Training Academy could really help you with this.

It’s a big set…



The chairs are 17″ wide and 15″ deep but the cushions will need notches in the back corners. I’m planning on making them myself. Cushions are so expensive and it’s hard to find exactly what I want. That’s when you need best Arizona services for loading docks.

I have a few options for foam supplies.

For $7 I can get 4 1″ foam pads 16×16 square. This is slightly smaller than I wanted but for $21 I can get all the foam I need.

There is also Nu-foam which is a polyester batting material more like what I found in the old patio cushions I recovered.

That is 1″ thick as well and for $25 I can get a 24″x15′ roll. It’s also available at my local Joann store so I can go check it out in person. In addition, this would give me plenty of extra for additional chair cushions, outdoor pillows, or even just adding padding to my dining chairs when I get around to reupholstering them, plus there are a lot of other furniture I want to get rid of with help from the furniture removalists Sydney. The NuFoam is mildew resistant which is nice thought the Walmart pads are 100% urathane foam which is also mildew resistant. It is only 1.2lb per ounce which is pretty light-weight. I think I’m going to go with the NuFoam product.

Once I get the foam situation figured out, It’s time to pick out fabrics.

I already have the one bench covered in the black, green, white, and pink stripe so that’s going to be the color inspiration. After I purchased the furniture from Maker&Son, I realized that nothing of this was going to make my house look better if my patio was looking all old and musty. That´s why our future home improvement will be hiring this professional contractor in Perth to help us completely remodel out patio.


The following are outdoor fabrics from

And from

I’m thinking the Chevron will be better as accent pillows.  It’s a little too trendy and modern for me.  I really like the pink square-ish pattern from houseFabric but I like the selection from and I’d rather not order from 2 places.  I’m planning a visit to my super awesome local discount fabric store before I buy online.  The outdoor fabric is usually $5 a yard which can’t be beat online.

What do you think? Should I go with pink or green for the chair cushions?  Or go more traditional and versatile with something like the black check with a variety of pink and green throw pillows?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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    You will be much happier if you go with a fun pink print. It is outside. It is suppose to be fun and springy. You could do two coordinating prints. I would suggest only have some of the chairs out and leave the others in the shed and just pull out for a big function. You could pull the table down to the yard and have a nice big bbq.

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    I was looking to get a backyard patio set at my house. I wanted a company that was affordable, but would also do a really great job. A friend of mine suggested that i check out EP Henry at Roxbury. I was very impressed with the work they did. Were able to have great parties outside all summer. Thanks for posting.