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Sofa Options

I haven’t given you a tour of the painted Den yet mostly because it currently looks like this:


I have however been shopping around for an awesome sofa for the space. If you look past the drop-cloth and ladder in the photo above, you can see a white couch. This couch is perfectly serviceable but it is too low in the back to be super comfy. We aren’t in any hurry to replace it but we’ve been researching a bit here and there to pick something out.

When we were in NYC in December, we visited the showroom at to take a look at these two sofas: The Bluebell and The Oscar.

The bluebell is super comfy but I had some concerns that the back cushions would start to look slouchy and I really like a more formal, tailored look. The Oscar has the tufted clubroom look I’m going for and was pretty comfy but not sit in it all day watching TV comfy. The back was just a tad too short for proper bad-posture head support.

We’ve also been to sit on this couch from Ethan Allen:

It’s also super comfy and has that club-chair look. We’re planning on a fabric sofa rather than a leather one in some sort of grey tweed or herringbone.

And most recently, I stopped into Arhaus to have a look. From the outside this place looked like cheap import furniture but after sitting on the sofas and inspecting them, I’m a bit more sure about the quality.

This sofa has larger tufts which makes it more comfy and a bit more modern and the small english roll-arms stay true to the english cubhouse look and take up way less space than the silly oversized tufted arms.


This was another cute sofa that was a little more traditional with more standard sofa arms. This one also comes in an apartment-sized sofa version that would be perfect for some cute apartment, you can visit a Sofa Retailer to find a similar option.

To sweeten the deal, Ethan Allen is offering 10% off through the end of January and I just read they have some fabric specials going on as well. Arhaus is offering free fabric upgrades to any fabric in the collection through the end of the month. I can’t seem to find Ethan Allen’s normal sale cycle online anywhere. If you know when they have their sales, please let me know in the comments. I figure they have something in November but I can’t imagine there isn’t a 15% off sale sometime during the year.

What do you think? Small arms, big arms, medium arms or something different altogether?


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    I’m a fan of medium arms, just because I’d want something at the sides to lean back on (like when I’m reading etc etc) but nothing too high like the ones on the second couch. But that’s just me! Love the style/color of that last couch! Hope you find a good deal!