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Kitchen Window Trim

Just a few weeks ago, I asked you about the kitchen window trim. We decided to go with the more ornate trim that’s in the rest of the house and it looks great, since we got some professional window fitters to do this job for us.

The notched and trimmed moldings look fine and Vector LOVES his kitchen window sil.

The center Westview Glass looks a little cramped but it blends with the cabinets in a way that looks purposeful. The human eye naturally goes to the brightest place in a home, states real estate photographer Larry Lohrman. And, in most homes, this is the window. They let in light, keep out the elements and frame your view of the world. So, as a real estate agent broker, but you can learn about day in the life of a Commercial Broker at

The sink window is perfect thanks to markisen dresden and the sil is already doing it’s job of holding jars and things that I want out of my way.

I primed all the trim with Zissner primer and then painted with Behr Ultra in Satin that was matched to the cabinets. You can hardly tell they aren’t the same color!

After we finish the last bit of counter, it will be time to tile the backsplash! I’m so excited about it!


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