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New Den Windows

Two weekends ago was Patriots Day weekend AKA Boston Marathon weekend. As you might imagine, it was a BIG deal this year. Even bigger than normal. Stefan and I are working for a lab affiliated with MIT so we get Patriots Day off, yay 3 day weekend!

We spent the weekend playing host to a friend of a friend who was in Boston for a job interview. Nico was a great guest and I LOVE playing Bed and Breakfast host. We sent him out into the great wilds of downtown Boston for the day and got to work on the windows replacement with the professionals at window replacement nashville tn. Typically, new windows are installed from the outside. Our house is REALLY tall…and our windows are REALLY big so we developed an alternate method. You should definitely consider getting double glazed windows for great interior design outcomes.


The first thing we do in a window installation, is pull off the trim. We score the edges with a box cutter to cut the years of paint that are holding the trim onto the wall. Then we pry them off with a prybar and hammer. It’s loud, dusty, and dangerous, so wear your PPE: ear plugs, mask, and safety glasses. After the trim is off, we remove the plaster from behind the trim. Gross. Plaster is a big mess but it has to be done. We have developed a method of scoring it with a dull knife and then prying it off with a prybar and a broken screwdriver.




After much sawing, the frame is out and you are ready to put the new one in. We go ahead and take the storms off at this point. We just unscrew them and pull them in the big window opening. Once the storms are off, Vector has to be locked up.


We build the new, smaller frame on the floor around the new window repair . We screw in the flange to the new frame and lift the whole unit, window and frame, into the extra large window opening.  We know how to get the best deal, If installed by professionals double glazing can be installed.


And then we shim. Shim-shim-sher-ee, Shim-Shim-sher-Roo!

Then it’s time to disassemble the window, specialists on replacement windows kansas city helped us here.They  Remove the weights and the panes trying not to break any glass. Glass is a pain to clean up. Once you have the easy to remove pieces out, it’s time to remove the frame. This involved the Saw-Zall.
And now, we are enjoying new windows… and waiting for plaster work to be done. It’s never ending!

Here’s a Before from the Outside:



And an After from the Outside:


So much better but the real benefit is in the lowered draftiness factor , is like AlumincoGlazing done it for us. Those old weighted windows are drafty and most of the windows in the house are spongy and need a LOT of work.


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