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New TV and Mount

Stefan talked me into getting a 50″ Plasma TV for the den. It fits just to the right of the door to the den closet. (The den used to be two bedrooms so there are 2 closet doors.)


Believe it or not, there is still room to the right of the TV for the built-ins we are planning for that far wall.

To mount the TV, we went with this giant TV mount:

Installation was fairly straightforward though it is absolutely a two-person job. One nice thing about this mount is the plate that goes against the wall has a wide range of hole patterns so even non-standard beam spacing is ok. In addition, you have some give in where on the mount the TV is placed. The center of the mount is located about 4 inches left of the center of the TV.

The mount moves surprisingly well and all-in-all looks pretty good.


You can see we haven’t quite finished our wiring but we are close to getting this project buttoned up and looking good.


Stay tuned for reviews of all the “toys” Stefan convinced me to buy and further speaker mounting plans.


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