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Super fun $1 Kitchen Update

I picked up a roll of Green contact paper at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. I was cleaning up and decided to go ahead and run with this project. It took just a couple minutes to cut a strip off the roll and line it up nice and strait on the fridge. I just eye-balled it to make it look even.

I contemplated pulling down all the pictures on the fridge but that just isn’t me. I like to see them every day so I went ahead and just lined them up on the stripe.


For Less than 5 min and less than a full roll of $1 contact paper, I’ve got myself a cute fridge. The best part is that the contact paper is completely removable. I can change it up whenever the mood strikes. I’m thinking perhaps I should invest in some more “designer” contact paper on the next go around. Perhaps some pink Chevron is in order.


I love the touch of trendy that it adds to the space. It was also so much fun to do something purely creative and not super functional. I’ve got plenty of that to do!

I think this would also be a great way to anchor a Christmas card display on the fridge. It may also be a great way to allow for some flair on a non-magnetic Stainless Steal Fridge. So many options!

Let me know if you hear of any good contact paper suppliers!

What have you done with a Dollar Tree find? Let me know all about your $1 decor in the comments below!


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  1. 7/25/2013 | 2:39 pm Permalink

    I love this idea. And very cute contact paper too.