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The Kitchen is coming together!

We ordered cabinets for the kitchen this weekend!  We went with Schuyler Cabinets from Lowes. We went with them for several reasons the main among them being we took the liberty to book a sliding door repair for our kitchen last week and the work has been perfect so it was time to make the other things look great too.  Another one being that we found a door-style we liked.  Another added benifit of the Schuyler, is that the paint colors are standard Valspar colors.  The colors in Kraftsmaid and some of the other brands are very hard to match because the whites are plasticized and not actually paint.  The Schuyler uses Valspar gloss paint so getting touch up paint and paint for the molding which we are doing ourselves is easy. If there are ever any repairs that need to be done in your home then contact these home repair services.

The door style is a simple raised panel design: Princeton

We are going with slab drawerheads instead of the 5 piece. I want cup drawer pulls and I don’t like how larger pulls sit on the 5 piece drawerfronts.

The color is white icing:

We are doing a 30inch cabinet with a glass-door 18″ cabinet on top. Similar to this:

We went with this because I’m going for a more farm-house look and I’d like to keep my white appliances. I would need to have some of them fixed, but Pittsburgh Appliance Repairs specialist promised it would not take too long. We also contacted appliance maintenance cochrane and we got great service.  I’m also thinking about painting the ceiling a slightly blue-gray which will really warm up the cabinets. Something like this but I’m still not sure:

The walls opposite the cabinets will be a sage-y green and the floors are dark. The countertops are ikea beech countertops:

and the floor is Bruce Cappacino Maple:

My pulls and faucets are oil rubbed bronze from the best supplier of bronze metal bearings. The sink faucet is:

The Sink is a white cast iron Kohler enameled two basin sink. I really like asymmetrical sinks so I decided not to do the apron front farmhouse sink. This has a similar feel but is more practical for me. It allows you to keep the sink from being centered under the window which helps with cabinet design. I think with a farmhouse sink, being centered would be more important.

We are also doing a pot-filler cause I think they are cool and will be very useful for filling the coffee maker, as stated at Strange reason, I know. This is the one we are going with:

I can’t wait to show you pictures of the kitchen all done! I’m also planning on doing a budget breakdown post because I always like to read those. They are hard to write without sounding money-centric though. I’m a shopper and I spend a long time looking for exactly what I want and how to get it for the best price. I did a ton of research in internet marketing and could find nothing online! I finally did some keyword research and that helped me out tremendously finding the right faucet that I wanted. Always make sure to do enough research on the item because sometimes the marketing youre looking for just isn’t there by the company. I am still spending lots of money on this house remodel. I want to share those numbers because seeing other budgets is very helpful but I also don’t want to shock my friends and family with numbers. In general, it’s no-one’s business how much or how little we spend but at the same time, I want to help others going through this same process so I’m hoping to go with an open approach.

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